Council investigates illegal dumping of household rubbish on Old Wharf Road

Burdekin Shire Council is investigating the illegal dumping of household rubbish along Old Wharf Road, Airdmillan.

Governance and Local Laws Manager Dan Mulcahy said council’s works department had removed two truck loads of rubbish from the site about 2km from the boat ramp last week and Environment and Health officers had removed another ute load today.

“The rubbish mostly consisted of material which would be free to dump at our waste transfer stations,” he said.

“There were old couches, appliances, domestic waste, wardrobes, construction and demolition waste and plastic fluming.

“Some of the rubbish was encroaching into the waters of Plantation Creek which is concerning for our environment.”

Mr Mulcahy said council officers were trying to identify who had dumped the items.

“It is quite costly for council to have to clean these illegal dumps up, especially when you consider that it would have cost them little to take this rubbish to our transfer stations,” he said.

“Illegal dumping shows a lack of respect for our shire and the environment and costs ratepayers thousands each year in clean up costs.

“To take a large trailer load of unsorted household rubbish to the Kirknie Road landfill will cost residents $17 – if you sort it, it’s free.

“To be caught illegally dumping rubbish could cost you a fine of up to $45,540 and leave you with a conviction recorded against your name.”

Mr Mulcahy urged residents to dob in a dumper by calling council on 4783 9800.

“If everyone keeps an eye out and rings if they see someone illegally dumping rubbish – we might just have a chance of recouping some of the costs involved in cleaning it up and easing the burden on our ratepayers,” he said.


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