Illegal dumping earns $2000 penalty

Illegally dumping household rubbish at Plantation Creek has resulted in a Burdekin resident being fined $2000.

The matter was heard in the Ayr Magistrates Court last week.

Harley Clarke, a resident of Home Hill, was fined $2000, plus $201.10 costs, for illegally dumping rubbish along Plantation Creek off Ayr-Dalbeg Road in March this year.

Burdekin Shire Council Governance and Local Laws Manager Dan Mulcahy said if it were not for the help of another Burdekin resident, Council would not have caught Mr Clarke.

“Council was fortunate that a member of the public, who is very passionate about illegal dumping, came forward with details about Mr Clarke’s offence,” he said.

“We will not tolerate people dumping rubbish anywhere they like in our Shire, and this result should help deter others from committing similar offences.

“Illegal dumping shows a lack of respect for our residents and each year costs Council thousands of dollars in ratepayers’ money in clean-up costs.”

Mr Mulcahy said offenders could be fined up to $16,000 and a conviction would be recorded against their name.

“Surely it is better to take your rubbish to the dump, than end up with a big fine,” he said.

“It only costs $20 for residents to take a trailer load of unsorted rubbish to Kirknie Road landfill – that’s a lot cheaper than $2000.”

For information on opening times of Burdekin’s waste transfer stations and what can be dumped there, please visit Council’s website or contact the Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800.

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