More than 300 feral pigs shot in Burdekin region

More than 300 feral pigs were shot in the past few weeks in an effort to protect crops, land and improve biodiversity in the Burdekin.

Burdekin Shire Council’s Governance and Local Laws Manager Dan Mulcahy said feral pigs were a high priority for control under Council’s Pest Management Plan.

“This was a coordinated activity aimed at reducing numbers of feral pigs which do a lot of damage not only to crops, but to the natural environment,” he said.

“Council does an annual cull, but this year we took a more coordinated approach to make a bigger impact on numbers.

“We also were fortunate this year to receive funding from NQ Dry Tropics to organise a southern shoot for the first time.”

Mr Mulcahy said it was easier to locate and shoot the pigs from a helicopter.

“By joining forces with other parties and securing extra funding, we have been able to spread the cost and extend the area being targeted by helicopter,” he said.

The majority of the pigs (253) were shot in region north of Ayr and out to Alva. The southern shoot, which included the area around Beachmount, killed 35 pigs and the Barrattas shoot killed 44.

Council joined forces with NQ Dry Tropics, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Burdekin Productivity Services, Wetland Care Australia.


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