Community group to help drive Burdekin region’s economic development

Burdekin Shire Council has taken to the community for help in driving economic development in the region.

Council brought together 10 residents from across the Shire for the inaugural meeting of the Economic Development Strategic Advisory Group (EDSAG) this morning.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer Matthew Magin said the group was created as a direct result of feedback from the Burdekin community.

“In my first few months as CEO I met with a lot of stakeholders in our community and the message was that Council did not appear to rate economic development very highly,” he said.

“Economic development will build jobs, wealth and drive population growth in our region, so this is why we have engaged with the community and formed EDSAG.

“This group’s focus will be on investment, employment and regional strategic opportunities.

“They will meet regularly to share information and provide community members the chance to meet with government and industry representatives.”

Inaugural chairman Dan Horan congratulated Mr Magin and Council on initiating the group and taking a fresh approach to economic development in the Burdekin.

“This is a fantastic way to bring business and Council together in an effort to identify and attract new opportunities to diversify and strengthen our local economy,” he said.

“Building a more robust local economy is paramount to keeping and attracting people to our shire and ensuring the Burdekin continues to be a successful and flourishing community into the future.

“I, for one, am very grateful and excited to have this opportunity to play some part in that and I am confident that with some focus and resolve this group can make a difference.”

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