Community input sought on ANZAC Centenary project

Next year is the centenary of World War I where the ANZAC legend was born and Burdekin residents are being asked to put forward a local project to commemorate this event.

Burdekin Shire Mayor Bill Lowis said Council was seeking community input on the type of ANZAC Centenary commemorative project and would hold a meeting next week.

“There are State Government funds available to be applied for and Council invites the community to come forward with their ideas on what an appropriate project would be to honour this occasion,” he said.

“We have a short window of time to get this moving as applications close on August 12.

“I urge anyone with any ideas to come along to next Thursday’s meeting and share it with us.”

To be eligible for state funds the project will not only commemorate those who served in wars, but also must:

  • raise community awareness of the ANZAC Centenary;
  • contribute to a statewide program of diverse, inclusive and educative ANZAC Centenary projects and activities;
  • promote the ANZAC values of courage, integrity, duty, mateship, compassion, resilience, toughness and teamwork;
  • encourage community participation and engagement; and promote social, cultural or economic benefit to the community; and
  • be completed by December 31, 2015.

Examples of eligible projects and activities include:

  • public commemorative events – ceremonies, parades, re-enactments of WWI events that impacted on the Burdekin community;
  • restoration or enhancement of existing memorials;
  • preservation, interpretation and/or display of WWI history, stories, memorabilia and artefacts such as public displays, web or mobile applications, web-based materials, exhibitions, music, theatrical performances; and
  • acquisition of WWI memorabilia, artefacts and/or research materials such as books and educational materials for the library.

The meeting will be held in Council’s John Hy Peake Room at 7.30pm on Thursday, July 17.

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