Council to re-profile ground in Ayr Lawn Cemetery

Burdekin Shire Council will trial re-profiling soil mounds at the Ayr Lawn Cemetery next week.

Operations Manager Wayne Saldumbide said Council had been alerted to possible safety issues by members of the public and Council employees.

“At the moment some of the grassed areas between the concrete kerbs have risen to the extent that it is becoming difficult for people to safely cross the area when tending their loved ones’ graves and for our cemetery team to maintain,” he said.

“Typically the soils at the Ayr cemetery are clay which expands when it absorbs water and doesn’t return to its original size.

“Over the past few wet seasons the soil has expanded to such a degree that some of the mounds are higher than the surrounding concrete kerbs.

“It’s not impacting the newer part of the lawn cemetery, but in the older part, which opened 25 years ago, it is very noticeable.

Mr Saldumbide said Council would remove the grass before flattening the area.

“Council also will investigate the most cost effective way of re-turfing the area – either cutting it as turf ourselves and reusing it or it may be more economical just to put in new turf,” he said.

“We also will look at how we may be able to drain any excess water from the area after any rain events.

“I would just like to assure families of those buried in that area, that our work will not disturb the graves themselves.”

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