Council to scour Railway Street water main

Burdekin Shire Council will be scouring the 375mm water main servicing Railway Street between Burke Street and MacMillan Street, Ayr, next week.

Council Operations Manager Wayne Saldumbide said the work would affect normal water supply to residents and businesses between 9am and 3pm on Wednesday, July 9.

“Six hours is a worst-case scenario and our team is confident of having full supply restored prior to 3pm,” he said.

“This is the second time we will undertake scouring this pipe and coupled with lessons learned from the first trial we will be able to minimise interruption to water supply by sequencing valve shut offs.

“Scouring the pipe will dislodge bio-film deposits that have built up in the main with the longer term benefit of addressing discolouration issues in the water.

“Maintenance work such as this is essential to ensure residents receive a clean water supply.”

Areas that will be impacted will include residents and businesses in lower Queen Street from Railway Street to Don West Toyota including Red Rooster, McDonalds and the Country Ayr Motel.

Residents living at Rossiters Hill, South Ayr and the area around Little Drysdale and Kennedy Streets will also lose their water supply for a period of time.

Mr Saldumbide said businesses in the Ayr Industrial Estate, including the Council Depot, may experience a loss of normal water pressure and lose water supply completely. We will be running an additional water supply bore to mitigate any losses in this area.

“Some rural areas, such as properties along Klondyke Road, Wood Street and Robins Road also will be affected by these works,” he said.

“Residents should have their day’s supply of drinking water stored before work begins at 9am.

“A flushing program will be carried out to minimise any dirty water, but people living in the affected areas may experience some water discolouration following the works.

“We also would advise residents to delay washing of clothes for up to two days if possible after work is completed to allow water quality to stabilise.”

Council regrets any inconvenience that may be caused to residents as a result of these necessary maintenance works.

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