Councillors support CEO’s restructure of Council positions

The Burdekin Shire Council has unanimously supported the CEO’s plans to restructure the organisation in response to current economic conditions.

Chief Executive Officer Matthew Magin said seven positions at Council had been made redundant and one of the outcomes of that would be positive benefits for the ratepayers.

Burdekin Shire Mayor Bill Lowis said all seven councillors had supported Mr Magin’s plan to restructure the organisation.

“We have listened to the concerns of our ratepayers about having to tighten our belts and acted on it,” he said.

Mr Magin said the decision to cut the positions had nothing to do with the performance of the employees.

“This was an extremely tough decision, but it made economic and operational sense to cut these positions,” he said. “I want to make it clear that it had nothing to do with their performance at work.

“Under the Local Government Act I have ultimate responsibility and accountability for managing the Council on behalf of the community through the effective, efficient and economical management of public resources.

“The recently announced rate increase was unacceptably high and the community was rightly concerned about the levels of increases.

“Those increases were required because the region is stagnant in terms of population growth and economic development, which by definition means we are going backwards.

“By making decisive structural changes, predominantly from our senior management team, it will minimise the long-term impacts on Council and its employees and provide some much needed job security for the remaining workforce.”

Mr Magin said the redundant positions included Director Corporate and Community Services, Director Environment and Operations, Manager Information and Customer Service, Manager Environment and Health and three support positions.

“This is not something I do lightly and it is not something I enjoy, but for the long-term sustainable future of the Shire it had to be done,” he said.

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