Declining population impacts Library funding

The Burdekin Shire’s declining population has resulted in a reduction of funding from the State Library of Queensland to the Burdekin Library.

Library Services Manager John Scott said the State Library of Queensland provided an annual grant to local governments across the State to support the development of high-quality library services.

“The Public Library Grant is paid to councils to support investment in, and development of, library collections which cater for the diverse needs of the whole community,” he said.

“This funding is automatically indexed each year for population growth, and is administered under a Service Level Agreement which sets out what Council has to do to receive this annual grant.

“As a consequence of our declining population, the Burdekin Library’s grant has dropped by 1.13 per cent to $87,435 for the 2014-15 financial year.

“This is not the first time – the grant has been declining for the past three years by a similar amount.”

Mr Scott said the grant was used to purchase a diverse range of resources both print and electronic for the Burdekin community.

“We are continuously researching changing library trends and technological developments to ensure that our community, although being rural, has access to similar resources that would be found in larger libraries with bigger budgets,” he said.

“The Public Library Grant complements Burdekin Shire Council’s strong annual commitment to the delivery of a high-quality library service for residents of all ages.”

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