Funding to ensure continuity of water supply during natural disasters

State Government funding will ensure Ayr and Brandon residents have a continuous supply of water during a natural disaster.

Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Bill Lowis said Council had received $20,100 from the Queensland Government’s Natural Disaster Resilience Program for an automatic changeover switch to be installed at the Nelson’s Lagoon Water Supply Bore site.

“At present, when power is lost during a natural disaster event, it is necessary for a Council employee to travel, in dangerous conditions, to the Nelson’s Lagoon Water Supply Bore Site and manually switch the water supply system over to generator power,” he said.

“There are approximately 4670 connections in the Ayr-Brandon Water Supply Scheme and past natural disaster events had knocked out the power for up to five days.

“Residents may have been left without water supply if one of our employees didn’t risk their life to switch the system over to generator power.

“This funding will ensure residents have a continuous supply of water during natural disasters and they’ll be able to concentrate on other disaster recovery activities.

“And our employees avoid having to put their lives in danger and stay safe.”

Cr Lowis said businesses also would benefit as they could re-open shortly after events.

“Currently businesses would have to close their doors until their water supply was restored, but this new switch will enable them to open quickly, not only to locals but also the travelling public who may be stranded in the region,” he said.

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