Large aggressive crocs prompt extra warnings at Cromarty Boat Ramp

The capture of one large crocodile and the knowledge of two others near the Cromarty Boat Ramp near Giru have prompted Burdekin Shire Council to erect extra signage warning boaties and fishermen of the dangers.

Burdekin Shire Mayor Bill Lowis said Council had been informed by Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) officers that they had removed one 4.2m crocodile from the area.

“They have also told us that there are two more aggressive crocs nearby that also need removing – one of them is in excess of 5m and could weigh between 750-1000kg and a smaller one of about 3.5m,” he said.

“Crocs of this size are very dangerous and I would urge boaties and fishermen to take extra care.

“There are crocodile warning signs at the boat ramp, but there will be extra signage in the area advising of the current aggressive animals.

“Council also will place a portable sign to ensure locals and visitors alike are aware of the dangers.”

Cr Lowis said EHP were trying to trap the two remaining large crocodiles before the Easter break.

“There will be a lot of boating traffic at the ramp over the next two weeks and I would urge everyone to not take any chances,” he said.

“EHP officers have seen fishermen, up to their waist in water, casting for bait – these people are putting their lives at risk by doing this when you have such large crocs in the area.

“Apparently people also have been mucking about on jet skis near the two traps. This sort of activity may cause the crocs to shy away from the trap making it harder for the department to capture them.

“I also would urge locals to let visitors to the area know about the dangers and keep us up to date on any other sightings in the area.”

Members of the public are urged to be Crocwise around waterways and beaches in the Burdekin. In particular:

  • Obey croc warning signs
  • Don’t swim or let domestic pets swim in waters where crocs may live
  • Be aware that crocodiles also swim in the ocean
  • Stand back from the water when fishing or cast netting
  •  Do not camp at the water’s edge
  •  Never provoke, harass or feed crocs
  •  Do not clean or fillet fish at the water’s edge
  •  Never leave food, fish scraps or bait near the water, a camp site or boat ramp
  •  Always supervise children.

Crocodile sightings can be reported to EHP on 1300 130 372. All reports are investigated.

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