Residents urged to clear homes of mozzie breeding sites

Burdekin residents are being urged to ensure their yards do not become breeding sites for disease carrying mosquitoes.

Burdekin Shire Council Environment and Health Manager Beth Whitworth said recent rain and high tides had resulted in increased mosquito breeding in the Shire.

“Council has been conducting aerial treatments in salt marsh areas around the coast and is continuing the routine treatment of known freshwater breeding sites,” she said.

“But our residents are the front line of defence in the effort to prevent a disease outbreak.

“Townsville has two confirmed cases of dengue and I would urge our residents to be vigilant to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in areas around their homes.

“To our knowledge there are no current Aedes aegypti breeding sites in the Shire.

“Container-breeding mosquitoes can be found in items such as pot plant holders, old tin cans, plastic containers, fallen palm fronds and old tyres.”

Residents should also take precautions against being bitten, by using personal insect repellents, screening sleeping and living areas and using surface sprays in dark places such as under beds and behind cupboards.

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