Up to 1500 trees to be planted at Juru Walk for National Tree Planting Day

Juru Walk at Plantation Park, Ayr, will be this year’s target for the Burdekin’s National Tree Planting Day on Sunday, July 27.

Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Bill Lowis said this year’s event would be the biggest yet with up to 1500 trees to be planted at the site.

“There will be 10 different varieties of trees, including Moreton Bay Ash, Cabbage Tree Palm, Weeping Paperbark and Native Damson to name a few,” he said.

“All of the trees will be supplied by the Lower Burdekin Landcare Association.

“We hope to have 100 volunteers turn up for the event – as the saying goes, many hands make light work.

“Year 8 students from Burdekin Catholic High have already signed up to help, but more will be needed.

“It’s not all about hard yakka though as all our volunteers will get to enjoy a free sausage sizzle/barbecue and soft drinks.”

Lower Burdekin Landcare Nursery Manager Ross Gelling said the area was unique as it was one of the last remaining semi-intact pockets of remnant vegetation.

“The vegetation in Plantation Park is fairly typical of what would have been along most water courses in the Burdekin delta in times past,” he said.

“It’s a cabbage palm forest intermixed with dry broad-leafed species and Plantation Park holds within an incredibly large biodiversity of plant species.”

Cr Lowis said volunteers would receive gloves, tools and the equipment needed to plant the trees as well as watering cans, buckets and drinking water.

“Participants will need to bring covered shoes, a hat and a water bottle and it is recommended people also wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants for protection,” he said.

“Council also will have sunscreen and mosquito repellent available.

“We’re inviting all residents to come along, have a bit of fun and get their hands dirty by doing something good for the environment.”

Cr Lowis said Council, Lower Burdekin Landcare, NQ Dry Tropics, Don West Toyota, Greening Australia and Planet Ark had joined forces to host the event.

The National Tree Planting Day event will run from 9am to 11.30am at Plantation Park’s Juru Walk on Sunday, July 27.

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