Community Hub Survey

Over the next 4 months, the Burdekin Shire Council is undertaking a strategic review of facilities forming the ‘Community Hub’ in Ayr.

Alternatively you can download the MS Word or PDF forms and drop them in at the Burdekin Shire Council Customer Services Centre or email them tousing the following links:

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The Community Hub refers to the area containing the Burdekin Theatre, Ayr Library and adjacent public land.  It is the Council’s intention to build on the community atmosphere enabling more residents and visitors to utilise the facilities for recreation, entertainment and cultural activities, whilst managing and operating the facilities within a fiscally responsible and transparent model of operation.

Community Hub is a term often used in strategic town planning and community development.  It can have different definitions depending on the objectives of the community.  Burdekin Shire Council has defined the Community Hub as:

“A place of vibrancy and activity, belonging to and valued by the community, that supports and encourages a feeling of belonging through the provision of a central access point to a wide range of community activities, programs, entertainment and events.”

Therefore the main objectives of the Community Hub are:

  • Event coordination and delivery
    Improved coordination of community and touring events with a centralised point of contact through Burdekin Shire Council and delivery of professional support services and venue hire
  • Place making
    Increasing the community attachment and use of centralised public space within the centre of Ayr by creating a place of activity and linkage to the central business district
  • Community building
    Enabling the Community Hub services and offering to appeal to a broad section of the community and visitors increasing participation rates in recreation, entertainment and cultural activities.

This survey is intended to capture the views and opinions of residents of the Burdekin Shire and also visitors that utilise the facilities.  All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence with the analysis and reporting addressing collective responses.  Individuals or groups that would like to make further submissions are welcome.

All surveys and submissions are to be received by Friday 19 June 2015.

For further information or to discuss the Community Hub Project, please contact:

Teresa Lever
Community Hub Transition Coordinator
Burdekin Shire Council
Phone: (07) 4783 9810
Mobile: 0428 220 492

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