Burdekin Shire Council to introduce water restrictions

Burdekin Shire Council has voted to introduce Level 1 water restrictions to ensure there was adequate water supply for residents during the current dry conditions.

Chief Executive Officer Matthew Magin said the restrictions would take effect from October 1.

“This is the first time since the mid-1980s that Council has introduced water restrictions, but these measures are in accordance with Council’s Drought Management Plan and we would be irresponsible if we didn’t act now,” he said.

“The lack of rain this year has seen the dam and underground water levels dropping so we want to ensure there will be adequate water supply should this drought extend into next year.

“The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted little rain before March next year, so if we all do our bit to conserve water now there will be adequate supply for our residents until the next lot of rain.”

Mr Magin said Council would review the severity of the restrictions if the drought was ongoing.

“From October 1, people can water their lawns with sprinklers, but only in the hours from 6pm to 6am,” he said.

“This will ensure the water is being soaked into the ground and not evaporating during the heat of the day.

“Council also will review and update the 2009 Drought Management Plan to better reflect our community’s water needs.”

Mr Magin said the restriction applied to all residents with a Council-metered supply of water.

“We will give residents a grace period up until the end of October to have alternate watering measures in place,” he said.

“From November 1, Council may begin issuing fines to residents not complying with the restrictions.

“This is not something we do lightly, but hope residents will understand that in times of drought we all need to conserve water – even in the Burdekin.

“Council is committing to the restrictions and will review its use of water in our parks and construction works.

“This doesn’t mean we will let the parks go dry, but simply reduce the amount of water that is going on to these areas.

Mr Magin suggested residents who used bore water should place a sign at the front of their property stating “bore water in use” to prevent any misunderstandings occurring.

What Level One Water Restrictions mean:

  • no sprinklers or irrigation systems to be used between the hours of 6am and 6pm.
  • hand-held hoses with trigger nozzles may be used at any time.
  • pools, ponds, fountains and tanks etc are still able to be filled
  • no cleaning of paved areas
  • wash vehicles and windows with hose with trigger nozzle only
  • voluntary reduction of water usage requested of businesses



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