Council and landholders meet to discuss Rita Island Chital Deer problem

Burdekin Shire Council met with landholders at Rita Island regarding the problems being caused by Chital Deer.

Mayor Bill Lowis said the meeting, which included councillors, council staff, state agencies and landowners, about the Class 2 pest went very well.

“We heard from an expert in feral animal management who has been in the Burdekin for the past few days looking around the area to determine the extent of the problem,” he said.

“Council doesn’t know exactly how many deer there are here and he will provide us with a report on what options may be used to help landholders combat the issue.

“He spoke with landholders to understand where their boundaries were, deer locations and the design of fences which were effective at keeping feral animals out of their property.

“Once we have that report Council will consider the implementation of any recommendations with landholders and state agencies.”

Cr Lowis said each landholder had the opportunity to speak at the meeting.

“There is genuine concern that people not from the Rita Island area were shooting from vehicles on the road without regard for houses and residents who could be watering their crops,” he said.

“It is illegal to shoot from the road, up and down the road or into property adjacent to the road.

“For the safety of residents, I would remind any potential hunters to remember that and to ensure they have the landholders’ permission before entering any land adjacent to the roads.”


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