Council approves Economic Development Strategy

Burdekin Shire Council has reinforced its commitment to growing the region by approving an Economic Development Strategy.

Shire Mayor Bill Lowis said the strategy had been developed to prepare the region for change and to take advantage of the emerging economic opportunities.

“Our community needs to be ready to explore a new direction for our future and Council is committed to creating a robust and resilient economy for the shire,” he said.

“The strategy reinforces that economic development is a priority for Council and that Council is committed to being a key enabler for our shire’s economic future.

“Economic development is a priority for the Burdekin Shire Council and we are aware that without action there is a risk our economy may stagnate.”

Council’s Economic Development Manager Adrian Scott said the document focussed on five key strategic themes – enable economic infrastructure, attract investment, strengthen networks, encourage innovation, empower future generations.

“These themes and their underlying priorities and goals, will help Council to create an open, responsive and diversified economy.

“It was designed to prepare for our region’s future.”

Mr Scott said each member of the Economic Development Strategic Advisory Group (EDSAG) had aligned with a theme and would be referred to as a “Project Champion”.

“Our community members will play an important part in the economic future of this shire and the implementation of this plan,” he said.

“These strategies are not just for Council, but will be useful for other levels of government and the business community.

“Ultimately, its success will see improvements for Burdekin residents in liveability, or quality of life.”

Mr Scott said a range of projects and activities, consistent with the strategy, would be undertaken each year.

“This year will include developing a master plan for the Ayr Aerodrome, a value-adding seminar, coordinating industry forums, looking at niche markets and investigating the establishment of a new agribusiness campus – to name a few,” he said.

“These and many more projects are being explored by the Advisory Group and Council.”

The Economic Development Strategy is available for viewing on Council’s website using the following link:


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