Council calls on community to help find illegal dumpers

Burdekin Shire Council is calling on the community to help find the owners of illegally dumped rubbish at two sites along Old Wharf Road, Airdmillan.

Governance and Local Laws Manager Dan Mulcahy said Council employees had uncovered to two sites during a recent inspection of the area.

“There was construction or demolition material at one of the sites, which includes concrete, tyres, batteries and scrap metal that has fallen into Plantation Creek and could potentially harm the environment,” he said.

“The other site has sofas, electrical appliances, general household waste and tiles and some of this has also made its way in to the creek.

“This sort of irresponsible behaviour costs our ratepayers as Council will have to clean it up to ensure there is no environmental harm.”

Mr Mulcahy said the costs involved in cleaning up this dumped rubbish were quite substantial.

“We have to cover the cost of our employees going out there, machinery hire and the amount of fuel used by the machinery required – all because someone couldn’t be bothered to take it to our landfill or transfer stations,” he said.

“The cost for an unsorted non-commercial trailer load of construction and demolition waste is $127 per tonne. But you will save money if you sort the waste and divert as much as possible from landfill.

“Each year it costs Council about $10,000 in wages, machinery costs and fuel to investigate and remove illegally dumped rubbish – which is an unnecessary addition to Council’s bottom line.

“These people are driving a fair distance to dump this stuff so it’s obvious they have the capacity to get the rubbish to our waste transfer stations or to Kirknie Road Landfill.

“If Council can identify who dumped the waste then we can hopefully recoup some of the costs involved in cleaning it up.

“Illegal dumpers can also be fined up to $45,540 and have a conviction recorded against their name.”

Residents are urged to dob in a dumper by calling Council on 4783 9800.


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