Council repairs beach access sites at Beachmount and Wunjunga

Burdekin Shire Council has repaired three beach accesses at Beachmount/Wunjunga.

Mayor Bill Lowis said Council had received a number of complaints from residents finding it difficult to access the beach.

“Council had previously trialled geofabric sandladders at these points, but they were breaking up and had lost their effectiveness,” he said.

“So what we’ve done this time is to remove about 300mm of sand, filled the hole with rock, compacted it and spread a thin layer of sand over the top.

“Hopefully this will work a lot better than the sandladders.”

Cr Lowis said the upgraded access points also would deter the public from making alternative tracks to the beach.

“Driving on beaches is a popular recreational activity in the Burdekin, but driving a four-wheel drive, quad bike or trail bike on a beach can damage the natural environment and endanger other beach users.

“Sand dunes and their environs are highly vulnerable and easily damaged by quad bikes and four-wheel drives so we want to make sure everyone uses the access points,” he said.

“If people persist in driving over the dunes we will see erosion at these points which could then impact on fences and roads.

“It is also important that beach users only drive on the beach between the high and low tide water marks to ensure they’re not impacting on turtle and bird hatcheries.”

The Mayor said the constructed beach access point would be monitored for effectiveness and durability, especially after high tides.


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