Council to build waste cell in bid to save money


The Burdekin Shire Council Works Department will build the new waste cell at the Kirknie Road Landfill in a bid to save ratepayers money, according to Mayor Bill Lowis.

Council has last year budgeted $2 million for the construction of the cell, but costs had escalated past that price.

Cr Lowis said the new cell would be constructed by Council to ensure costs were kept low.

“Council has reached the stage where the new cell has to be completed as the old one is reaching the end of its life,” he said.

“We have the capability and the knowledge to construct this cell, so I don’t see any reason not to do it in house.

“It is anticipated that construction of the new cell will begin in July and be completed prior to the expiry of the existing cell.

“We have also budgeted $35,000 for the temporary capping of the existing cell to ensure it conforms with environmental licensing requirements.”

Cr Lowis said Council had decided to take over the supervision and operation of the Shire’s waste transfer stations.

“Council recently resolved to take on this role as we believe we would be able to provide the same service, but at a reduced rate compared to recent tenders received for the service,” he said.

“Existing staff at the waste transfer stations in Ayr, Home Hill and Giru will be offered employment with Council to provide a seamless changeover in operations.”


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