Council to clean water mains supplying Ayr and Brandon

Burdekin Shire Council will next week clean water mains supplying Rossiters Hill, Brandon and the Railway and Burke Streets areas in Ayr.

Operations Manager Wayne Saldumbide said Council would conduct a three-day pigging program from Monday through to Wednesday as part of Council’s recurring water supply maintenance program to combat water discolouration issues.

“Pigging or swabbing is where we insert a foam swab into the water main and use water pressure to push it through the mains,” he said.

“As the pig travels through the pipe it dislodges residual bio-film from the sides of the pipe, resulting in cleaner water.

“The swab is then recovered through an open scour valve.”

Mr Saldumbide said residents affected by the maintenance would be notified individually by letter drop prior to work beginning.

“We expect works to start the works each day at 9am and finish by midday,” he said.

“With the current hot weather I advise residents to ensure they store ample drinking water for the duration of the works.

Council will clean the main to Rossiters Hill along Cunningham Street and Cislowski Road on Monday, December 14, Railway Street from Burke Street to Macmillan Street on Tuesday, December 15, and the Ayr/Brandon main on Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

Residents in these areas may experience water discolouration for up to two days after works are completed and may wish to postpone washing clothes etc during that time.

For further information contact Council on 4783 9800.

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