Council to disperse flying foxes from Lloyd Mann Park

Burdekin Shire Council will next week begin flying fox dispersal activities in Home Hill’s Lloyd Mann Park.

Council’s Governance and Local Laws Manager Dan Mulcahy said a growing number of flying foxes were returning to the park.

“We need to move them on now, before the roost gets bigger so next week we will again be using starter’s pistols to discourage them from roosting in the trees at the park,” he said

“Council will have three employees using starter’s pistols at the park from about 5.30am next Tuesday (May 19) through to Thursday (May 21).

“Flying foxes start returning to the roost around dawn so we need to be there to discourage them.”

Mr Mulcahy said residents in the vicinity of the dispersal activities would be advised via a letterbox drop of the activities.

“I would urge residents with pets to take the necessary steps to ensure their pets were adequately secured to reduce the risk of escape,” he said.

“Often the loud pops from the starter’s pistols can cause pets to try to get away from the noise, so owners need to ensure their pets are kept in a safe and secure area.”

Mr Mulcahy said Council would continue to monitor the park and consider further dispersal activities as the need arises.

“We’ve had a dry year and a lot of the palms in the urban areas are producing a higher amount of fruit which is drawing the flying foxes in,” he said.

“If anyone sees or know of a flying fox roost in the town area, please contact Council on 4783 9800.”


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