Ensure yards are cleared to prevent mosquitoes breeding

Burdekin residents are being urged to clear yards in an effort to prevent disease-carrying mosquitoes from breeding.

Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Bill Lowis said recent rain and higher than normal tides would result in increased mosquito breeding in the Shire.

“We have prime breeding conditions at the moment and it’s up to us all to help prevent an outbreak of mosquitoes,” he said.

“Council regularly treats known breeding sites, but our lush backyards are a haven for these pests.

“Container-breeding mosquitoes, which can carry disease, can be found in items such as pot plant holders, gutters, old tin cans, plastic containers, fallen palm fronds, toys, bromeliads and old tyres.

“I would urge our residents to have a walk around their property and tip out any water lying around.

“If you have plants that hold water, such as bromeliads, flush them out with a hose thoroughly at least every 3-4days.

“Our residents are our front line of defence when it comes to fighting mossies.”

Cr Lowis also urged residents to be aware of the warning signs of dengue.

“Dengue fever can include headaches, fevers, aches and pains, nausea, vomiting and, in some rare cases, can be fatal,” he said.

“Dengue mosquitoes require only a small amount of water to breed in so I would urge residents to empty all their pot plant trays and other water-holding containers once a week to stop their breeding cycle.”

Residents should also take precautions against being bitten, by using personal insect repellents, screening sleeping and living areas and using surface sprays in dark places such as under beds and behind cupboards.


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