Moratts Pit gets cleaned up to clear out mosquitoes and weed

More birdlife and fewer mosquitoes will be the results of a clean-up at a site near Ayr.

Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Bill Lowis said Council had partnered with the North Burdekin Water Board (NBWB) to clean up Moratts Pit on Beach Road.

“Council organised a contractor to clear the block and the NBWB organised the removal of weed from the pit,” he said.

“This area had been a major mosquito breeding site due to the thickness of the vegetation, so this work should significantly reduce the area suitable for mosquito breeding.

“You couldn’t see the water for the weeds before.

“Our team will spray any weeds that are left to ensure the area was clear.”

Cr Lowis said Moratts Pit had the potential to become a bird-watchers’ paradise.

“With the dry weather we’ve had, I would think this body of water will draw in the water birds and other wildlife,” he said.

“I’m sure nearby residents also will appreciate the drop in mosquito numbers.”


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