New shed to store second-hand items at Home Hill Waste Transfer Station

A new shed has been built at the Home Hill Waste Transfer Station to house second-hand items that will be sold to the public.

Burdekin Shire Council Governance and Local Laws Manager Dan Mulcahy said the lockable shed provided a weatherproof shelter for second-hand items.

“This will allow our team to keep a larger scope of items for sale to the public and keep them out of the weather,” he said.

“Sales of these second-hand items will help reduce the facility’s running costs which in turn means a reduction in funds needed from our ratepayers.

“The main savings gained from the second-hand stores are they reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

“By recycling these goods it not only reduces the cost of the transport of bins to the landfill, but also saves valuable space in the landfill.”

Mr Mulcahy said a variety of second hand materials were available for sale.

“The most popular items are furniture, toys, sporting equipment, mowers and bicycles,” he said.

“Goods brought to the waste transfer station are assessed by operators before going into the second-hand shop.

“Items left for sale must be made from non-hazardous materials and cannot be electric goods.”

Mr Mulcahy said the Ayr Waste Transfer Station’s second-hand shop had proved a success.

“Ayr’s second-hand shop has been operational now since last year and has resulted in increased goods and sales,” he said.

“This is why Council decided to build something more permanent at the Home Hill site.”


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