Switch off for Earth Hour and help our farmers

Burdekin residents are being urged to switch off for Earth Hour this weekend in an effort to reduce the impact of global warming on our farmers.

Governance and Local Laws Manager Dan Mulcahy said this year’s Earth Hour initiative celebrated our farmers and the food they produced.

“Earth Hour is highlighting the need for Australians to tackle global warming for the sake of rural communities like the Burdekin,” he said.

“Without our farmers we would not have a supply of fresh and healthy food available to us.”

Mr Mulcahy said Burdekin Shire Council had undertaken an energy audit and was in the process of implementing some of the suggested energy savings.

“We have applied to change the tariffs on some of our electricity accounts to see if we can save money there and we will also investigate retrofitting energy efficient lighting and the use of solar power,” he said.

Mr Mulcahy said Earth Hour highlighted the importance of saving energy.

“This is something residents could do all year round,” he said.

“If you need to buy new appliances consider how energy efficient they are and you can save a few dollars in energy costs as well as lessen the green house emissions.

“Ergon Energy has some great energy saving tips on their website.”

Earth Hour will be held this Saturday, March 28 from 8.30pm.


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