Work continues in effort to deliver cleaner water to residents

Burdekin Shire Council is continuing works aimed at delivering cleaner water to residents in Ayr and Brandon.

Operations Manager Wayne Saldumbide said Council had cut into a 525mm pipe at the South Ayr Water Treatment facility last week.

“This will allow Council’s water team to undertake a condition assessment of the pipe, evaluate the extent of bio-film and enable a scour injection point to be fabricated and installed at this location,” he said.

“These works are in addition to commissioning new water bores at Rossiter’s Hill but complimentary to providing our residents with cleaner water.

“The construction phase for the new 4km pipeline is complete and we are currently undertaking testing and commissioning of the pipeline and bores. There are a few operational matters to complete before we can begin using it.”

The works are part of Council’s $2.225 million project to end the problems caused by high levels of iron and manganese.


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