$9.8 million for roads, drainage and reseals

Burdekin Shire Council has budgeted $9.8 million for maintenance and capital works on the road and drainage networks.

Mayor Lyn McLaughlin said Council had allocated $6.5 million in capital roadworks, with 69 per cent of that being spent on the shire’s rural road network and $900,000 being for reseals of urban and rural roads.

“Council has allocated $400,000 toward upgrading the Mount Inkerman Road which will include the provision of pull-off/passing zones and the replacement of the safety guardrail,” she said. “This road is used by many residents walking the hill and by tourists who want a bird’s eye view of our region.

“Rural areas to be targeted this year will be:

    • the widening of Brown Road, including improvements to the intersection with Ayr-Dalbeg Road;
    • kerbing, channelling and bitumen sealing of Grey Street;
    • bitumen sealing the remaining unsealed section of Ramsden and Sandhill roads;
    • widening a narrow section of McDowell Road between Woods and Watts roads;
    • traffic management improvements at the intersection of Darveniza and Woods roads; and
    • widening narrow sections of Kelly Road between Fiveways and Mountainview roads.

“Other works will include kerbing and channelling and bitumen widening in Home Hill’s Eleventh Avenue and Eighth Street, improvements to parking at the junior soccer fields on Beach Road, bitumen sealing of Sixth Avenue from Hurney Road towards Sixth Street and bitumen sealing a section of Delpratt Street in Dalbeg.”

The Mayor said Council had also budgeted to upgrade the pedestrian pathway in Graham Street, Ayr, adjacent to the Ayr State Primary School.

“We will also continue our progress of the Burdekin Be Active Trail and upgrade older footpaths as identified by Council’s Asset Management Framework,” she said.

“There are a number of bridges in our shire that will also be repaired throughout the year.”

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