Airscouring of Water Mains – 27th and 28th April 2016

Weather permitting, Council will be carrying out planned airscouring works on water mains as follows:

     Norham Road from Brisbane Street to Elizabeth Street – Wednesday 27th April, 2016

     Little Young Street from Wickham Street – Thursday 28th April, 2016

     Mary Street from Norham Road to Victoria Street – Thursday 28th April, 2016

Pipes are cleaned by a process where water is removed from the pipe and then reintroduced slowly with pressurised air to create turbulence, which removes built up deposits on the pipe walls.  The deposits from the pipes are then captured in filter bags to eliminate discharge to the environment.

The air scouring process requires the isolation of sections of water main and household water services.  Each section will be isolated for a maximum of seven (7) hours between 8:45am and 3:45pm during which water supply will be disrupted.

Please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 4783 9800 should you experience any discoloured water.


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