App improves lines of communication with community

Burdekin residents can easily contact Council through a free smart phone application called Snap Send Solve.

Mayor Lyn McLaughlin said the free app allowed residents to take a photo of an issue such as a pot hole or illegal dumping and email the council to report the problem.

“However, residents could also use the app to provide general feedback for our team,” she said.

“All reports made by residents via Snap Send Solve are sent to Council from your email address, which allows our team to communicate directly with you to fix the issue.

“Council will process your enquiry through our Customer Service Centre and send you a service request number, which you can quote if you have any further enquiries about the matter you’ve reported.

“You can also use the app when you’re on holidays to contact other councils as it determines which council area you are in by using your smartphone’s GPS location.”

Cr McLaughlin urged residents to make use of the free application.

“This is a really simple way to let Council know of a problem, or to pass on a compliment to our team,” she said.

“If you are unsure of how to install the app on your smart device, our Customer Service Team will help you.

“Residents can bring their phone or tablet in to Council’s Customer Service Centre and we will help you install Snap Send Solve and run you through how it works.”

Using the Snap Send Solve app may incur internet data charges.



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