Assistance available to organisations for structural improvements

The Council has a policy of providing revenue financial assistance (interest free loans) to sporting bodies and community organisations located on Council owned or controlled land (reserves).

The assistance is in respect of structural improvements, such as clubhouse construction and associated fixtures.  No assistance is provided in relation to contents.  Maintenance, minor repairs or moveable items will not be funded.  Assistance is also provided for appropriate large items of specialised plant greater than $5,000 used for the purposes of enhancing the activity of the sporting/community organisation.  All monetary assistance must be repaid to the Council over an agreed period of time.

To be eligible, all applicants must provide documentary proof that a funding application has been submitted to the State Government in respect of the proposed project.

There is no guarantee that all applications will be approved, either in total or in part, depending on the number and type of applications received.

A copy of the Council’s policy including eligibility criteria is available from the Council Chambers and on Council’s website.

Applications should be received by 12 September 2016.

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