BSCAT rewards local residents for locking up

The Burdekin Building Safer Communities Action Team (BSCAT), with support from Queensland Police, is running a ‘Lock It or Lose It’ campaign throughout the Burdekin region until February.

The campaign aims to raise awareness and reduce the number of vehicles being left unlocked, and subsequently being easy targets for vehicle and property theft.

Council’s Community Development Manager and BSCAT Chairman Tony Vaccaro said local police officers had been doing random vehicle checks in Ayr, Home Hill and smaller suburbs of the Burdekin since December 2015 to ensure people had adequately secured their vehicles.

“Cars found to be secure have received a congratulatory note on their windscreen along with an entry ticket to win gift cards from local businesses,” he said.

“Vehicles not adequately secured were given a list of tips on how to better secure their vehicle and personal property.

“It seems the campaign is being well received; there were plenty of tickets placed in the entry boxes at the Ayr and Home Hill libraries which shows that a lot of residents are locking up.”

Home Hill resident David Jackson was the winner of the December draw and received $100 IGA grocery voucher for his efforts.

Mr Vaccaro said he hoped locals would continue to lock up and secure their vehicles and personal property.

“Open windows and unlocked doors provide an ideal opportunity for thieves,” he said.

“By locking up you not only protect your personal property you also have the chance to win prizes in our January and February competitions.”

Burdekin BSCAT is a group of state and local government representatives together with business and community representatives who have developed a community partnership approach to crime prevention and community safety.

Burdekin BSCAT provides the opportunity for our local community to take positive action to prevent crime and build a safer community. This team is an advisory group to Council.


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