Burdekin Shire’s water restrictions to continue until aquifer is replenished

Burdekin Shire Council water restrictions will remain in place until underground water supplies are replenished.

Mayor Bill Lowis said community enquiries about the removal of water restrictions after recent rain were premature.

“We have been asked whether Council would remove the restrictions now that the Burdekin Dam is nearing 90 per cent capacity, but the Burdekin Shire doesn’t pipe its water from the dam,” he said.

“Our water supply comes from the underground aquifer and at this point in time this is still low, so Council is erring on the side of caution to ensure there is enough water supply for future residential use.

“Until we get decent rains and the river flows for an extended period of time and the underground aquifer is replenished, we will keep the restrictions in place.”

Cr Lowis said Council was more concerned with the quality of the water being supplied to residents.

“Council is monitoring water salinity as a result of a depleted aquifer, which would compromise the quality of our drinking water,” he said.

Burdekin Shire Water Restrictions apply to all residences with a Council-metered supply of water. Level One Restrictions are:

  • Only use sprinklers and irrigation systems between the hours of 4pm and 8am
  • Residents may use hand-held hoses fitted with trigger nozzles at any time
  • Wash vehicles and windows with hose fitted with trigger nozzle only
  • No cleaning of paved areas with water
  • Pools, ponds, fountains and tanks etc are still able to be filled
  • Businesses are asked to voluntarily reduce operational usage of water and abide by the above restrictions
  • If using bore water, it is suggested residents and businesses place a sign stating “Bore water in use” at the front of their premises to prevent any misunderstandings

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