Council donates $30,000 to school chaplaincy program

The Burdekin Shire Council has delivered $30,000 to the Burdekin Combined Chaplaincy in support of the school chaplaincy program.

School chaplains work with students, families and staff in the school community to discuss social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual concerns.

The Burdekin Combined Chaplaincy provides four Chaplains to work with students, parents, teachers and school staff at Ayr State School, East Ayr State School, Giru State School, Home Hill State School, Burdekin School, Ayr State High School and Home Hill State High School.

Mayor Lyn McLaughlin said school chaplains played a vital role in helping youth in need.

“We thank you for the excellent work you do with the youth in our schools,” she said.

“Council was unanimous in its support for this donation and a number of our councillors have seen the benefit school children and their families get from having access to the chaplains.

“We are a fortunate community to have such caring people.”

Burdekin Combined Chaplaincy chair Rhonda Williams said the funds would go toward the chaplains’ wages and school programs.

“Chaplains recently ran a school holiday program for primary school-aged students in Home Hill and we are trying to get more programs happening there.”

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