Council works to reduce incidence of water discolouration in Ayr

Council water crews will install new scour injection and extraction points on the 500mm water main in Burke Street between the South Ayr Water Treatment Plant and Railway Street in an effort to further alleviate incidents of discoloured water.

Manager Operations Wayne Saldumbide said cutting in of the necessary pipework was scheduled for Monday, June 27, 2016, with the initial swabbing of the water main scheduled for the following day.

“Council will insert foam swabs (pigs) into the water main at the treatment plant and push the swabs through to the new extraction point about 830 metres away,” Mr Saldumbide said.

“Adding this new extraction point has been planned for some time to enable thorough cleaning of the large distribution main in South Ayr.

“We have been waiting for a drop in demand to do the work, but haven’t had any luck with rain. We expect demand to drop in the cooler months so we have planned the works for late June.”

“It’s been a trouble spot for some time and once we’ve been able to undertake the swabbing we fully expect the occurrences of discoloured water to reduce markedly.”

An intensive swabbing program will be undertaken that same week with large distribution mains in Railway Street and Cunningham Street, Ayr and the 300mm Brandon main being cleaned on consecutive days.

Cleaning of these mains in conjunction with air-scouring will reduce the amount of discoloured water experienced by residents.

Mr Saldumbide said Council would like the cooperation of residents in restricting their water usage to essential requirements in the week of the planned works to enable full supply to be maintained.

If you are experiencing dirty water, please report it to Council on 4783 9800.

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