Do you love boating? Make sure you have your say

Recreational boating facilities

The Queensland Government announced additional funding for boating infrastructure projects and they are seeking your feedback to help prioritise projects. Responses provided before 1 May will be used to prioritise projects for the 2017–18 financial year and beyond.Responses provided after 1 May will also form the basis for an update to the Demand Forecasting Study to commence in mid-2016.

In assessing priorities, they are considering the following:

  • facility location
  • environmental constraints and opportunities
  • the nature of recreational boating in the area
  • statewide equity
  • access to remote areas
  • costs and construction feasibility.

Stakeholder and community input is a vital part of this engagement so your feedback on boating infrastructure across the state is important.

Answer the online survey

There is a quick way to have your say online using the following link:

Be sure to have your say and submit your response before 30 September 2016, 09.00pm.

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