Residents urged to switch off for Earth Hour

Burdekin residents are being urged to join the worldwide campaign for climate action this weekend by switching off for Earth Hour.

Earth Hour runs from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on Saturday, March 19, 2016 and residents across the world are encouraged to switch off their lights and electrical appliances for that hour to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

Governance and Local Laws Manager Dan Mulcahy encouraged Burdekin residents to take up the challenge of turning off their lights for an hour.

“An added benefit for ratepayers is that they could save money by turning off electrical appliances at the wall,” he said.

“Earth Hour is a chance for residents to show support for a low pollution, clean energy future that will contribute to the continued enjoyment of nature.”

Mr Mulcahy said Earth Hour highlighted the importance of, and opportunities for, saving energy.

“As well as turning off the lights, people are encouraged to think about what else they can do to make a difference to the environment,” he said.

“It might be changing over to more energy-efficient light bulbs, being more conscientious about recycling or changing over to a more water-efficient shower head.

“There are a number of changes residents can make to become more environmentally friendly all year round.”

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