Public Safety Incident – Illegal Swimming

A serious incident occurred last week involving a group of children illegally swimming in front of the release gates downstream of Jack Taylor Weir, near St George.

It was reported to SunWater that two young adults went to the rescue of a child who became caught in the backwash water of the dissipater. Although successfully rescuing the child from the water, the two young adults were unable to escape the backwash, resulting in both persons being pinned under the water and becoming unconscious.

The two persons were revived on the scene and transported by ambulance to hospital. SunWater staff assisted police to temporarily stop the water release to enable emergency services to determine if anyone else was trapped in the dissipater.

This frightening incident is a sobering reminder of the dangerous and unpredictable nature of dams, weirs and channels.

SunWater installs signage and fencing to warn people of the dangers of trespassing, however the community must remain vigilant and aware of the serious risks in and around waterways.

We encourage people to enjoy our facilities by keeping a safe distance of at least 200m from dam and weir walls, always read the signs and look out for submerged hazards and risks.

Anyone who witnesses life-threatening behaviour at SunWater weirs, dams or channels is urged to report it to the local Police by calling 000. For all non-urgent reporting, call Police link 13 14 44.

For tips on keeping safe when visiting a dam or weir, download the ’Safety tips when visiting a dam’ brochure available on the Sun Water website.

Taking risks around dams, weirs and channels is dangerous read the signs and stay safe


Safety tips when visiting a dam

Safety tips when visiting a dam

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