Buses available for voluntary evacuation from Ayr & Home Hill to Cairns area

Evacuation pre-event

A voluntary evacuation has been arranged for the areas of Home Hill, Ayr and surrounds.

To facilitate the evacuation, Local government has arranged for 9 buses to move those persons requiring evacuation from Home Hill Train Station and Ayr Train Station to Cairns.

People wishing to be evacuated can attend the relevant train station from 7.30am on Monday the 27th March 2017 for registration.

The buses are limited to 46 people per bus, with the additional conditions below:

  • Four (4) buses will be arriving at Home Hill train station;
  • Five (5) buses will be arriving at Ayr train station;
  • Due to limited space there will be ‘NO’ pets allowed to travel on the buses;
  • Buses are limited to the pick-up locations as specified, no other pick-ups can be facilitated;
  • Personal belongings are limited to clothing and toiletries;
  • Evacuated persons are advised to take sufficient clothing to cater for 3 to 5 days;
  • Evacuated persons requiring specific prescription medication should ensure they take it with them;
  • Due to ‘NO’ pets being allowed to travel on the buses, people intending to evacuate should ensure sufficient food and water is left for their animals and animals are secured.

The evacuation centre you will be transported to is within the Cairns area.

Repatriation post event

Arrangements for return of evacuated persons will be updated at a later time. This information will be able to be found on the www.burdekin.qld.gov.au

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