Cyclone Debbie – Update 6

The latest update from Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) indicates that Tropical Cyclone Debbie is continuing on a west-southwest track towards the north Queensland coast as a category 4 system. Severe tropical cyclone Debbie is currently a category 4 cyclone and is forecast to make landfall on the mainland between about Ayr and Midge Point at around 2pm.

Current estimates are that the cyclone will make landfall around the Bowen area, but the cyclone could change track.

Do not go outside until this event is completely over and the emergency services have been able to ensure that everything is safe.

Once wind gusts reach 100kph emergency services will be in lock down and not able to help you.

It is important that we do not get complacent and that you continue to watch and listen to the media as the wind and rain is expected to intensify during the day today (Tuesday).

The Bureau of Meteorology provides the official information and is available at:

TC Debbie Cyclone Track Map 26.03.2017 11am

TC Debbie Cyclone Track Map 26.03.2017 11am


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