Ayr Swimming Pool reopens after upgrade

The Ayr Swimming Pool has reopened after receiving a major upgrade to future-proof the popular aquatic facility for years to come.

Burdekin Shire Council Environment and Health Coordinator Linda Govan said as part of the works, the pool’s ageing pump and filtration system had been replaced, ensuring the pool water would continue to be clean and up to user expectations in years to come.

A new chair lift has also been installed providing a more comfortable way for reduced mobility users to access the pool.

“In the last swim season 14,529 children and adults came through the gates of Ayr Swimming Pool,” Ms Govan said.

“The pool was also used by 4,265 school children, in addition to being accessed by the swim club and for events.

“It’s one of our most popular community assets. After extensive refurbishment works, we have been pleased to reopen the facility this week, in time for the September school holidays.”

Ms Govan said much of the refurbishment work involved the upgrading of infrastructure that couldn’t be seen, but which was essential to the pool’s operation.

“Many pools from the 1950s, like Ayr Swimming Pool, were built with their pipes running directly underneath the pool.

“We’ve relocated these pipes to feed in from the sides. If we ever have a leak, it’s something we’ll be able to get to.

“We’ve also improved the storage for chlorine and other chemicals and completed a temporary fix on the pool’s scum gutters.

“The fix is temporary because we wanted to ensure the pool would reopen in time for the warmer months, but we are looking at a long term fix in the near future.”

Ms Govan said the works wouldn’t have been possible without shared funding from the Queensland Government.


Chair lift improves disability access

Pool users with reduced mobility will be able to more comfortably access Ayr Swimming Pool thanks to the installation of a new, modern chair lift.

Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Lyn McLaughlin said the new chair lift featured a comfortable seat with a foot rest and adjustable arm rest.

The addition of a safety belt will also provide a more secure lift into the water.

“This new chair lift replaces the older-style lift previously installed at Ayr Swimming Pool. It is a great asset and ensures that everyone has a chance to access and enjoy the pool, which is provided for the benefit of everyone in the community,” she said.

The Queensland Government’s Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program supports local governments by assisting with infrastructure costs as well as creating jobs and contributing to building safe, caring and connected communities.

Cr McLaughlin thanked the State Government for its contribution of more than $400,000 towards the pool upgrades

“The estimated total project cost is $850,000 with the State Government providing more than $400,000 towards these works,” she said.

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