Elaine and Jim Wolfensohn Gift – National Gallery of Australia exhibition

The Elaine and Jim Wolfensohn Gift

The Elaine and Jim Wolfensohn gift enables people from all around Australia to discover treasured objects. The idea of the exhibition, which tours to schools, regional galleries, libraries, community centres and nursing homes, is to give people a chance to appreciate original works of art by contemporary artists as well as works from other cultures and times.

The Elaine and Jim Wolfensohn gift has been enjoyed by thousands of children and adults in remote, regional and metropolitan centres throughout Australia,. It is a program that is at the heart of the National Gallery of Australia’s access services program. This opportunity to provide the Burdekin community, in particular children, with a way of appreciating specifically selected works of art is a unique one afforded by the generosity of the Wolfensohns.

The exhibition is on display in the Burdekin Library, 108 Graham Street, until Monday 16 October. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these wonderful works of art.

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