Burdekin River – Predicted Flood Heights

Burdekin Shire Council advises that due to the failure of a number of the river height gauges on the Burdekin River, it will now rely on the predicted river levels provided by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

BOM issued an update for river heights for the lower Burdekin River at 5.36pm today. The Burdekin River at Inkerman Bridge is expected to exceed the minor flood level (7.00 m) late Wednesday evening. The river level is likely to reach the moderate flood level (10.00 m) early Thursday morning and is likely to peak near 10.50 metres on Thursday morning.


As a guide, the following river heights and probable flood effects have been developed by Council based on past events.


 Height at Burdekin Bridge in metresProbable Effect
6.00 to 7.00Residents of Rita Island and Groper Creek should monitor heights.
8.53Water commences to come against Todd’s Break.
8.84Water commences to come in Warren’s Gully. Water commences to come over bank into Plantation Creek.
9.75Water commences to come over banks at Tapiolas Break and McDowell’s and Ramsden’s on Home Hill side. Also enters farms in Jarvisfield area.
10.67Water breaks over the top of protective work at Todd’s holding up traffic on Rita Island Road at Jarvisfield School and on the Kilrie Road at Lando’s.


Council Officers will monitor the situation throughout the night and provide updated information via Council’s website and social media pages.

At this stage, Council is unable to advise on potential major traffic interruption between Ayr and Home Hill.

Local Disaster Management Group Chair, Cr. Lyn McLaughlin is urging residents to be aware of the dangers of flood water.

“It is important to remember that ‘if it’s flooded, forget it’, said Cr. McLaughlin.

The most current information is available from the BOM website (http://www.bom.gov.au/qld/warnings/flood/burdekin-river.shtml) and Council’s website (http://www.burdekin.qld.gov.au) and Facebook pages (Burdekin Shire Council and Burdekin Shire Council Disaster Coordination Centre).

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