QBSC/17/003 – Request for Quotations for the purchase of used small plant


Quotations are invited for the above quotation closing at 12 noon on Friday 10 March 2017.

Council Plant No.           Description

50002                             Tractor – Ride On – John Deere 3120
60058                             Mower – Ride On – Kubota T1880
60059                             Mower – Ride On – Kubota T1880
60060                             Mower – Ride On – Kubota T1880
60065                             Mower – Ride On – Kubota T1880
60066                             Mower – Ride On – Kingcat
70061                             Trailer – Tandem 2T Pantech ** Trailer only*** (amended 6/3/2017)
70074                             Trailer – Standpipe and Diesel Pump 0.75
70091                             Trailer – Tandem 2T Pantech ** Trailer only*** (amended 6/3/2017)
70092                             Trailer – Tandem 2T Pantech** Trailer only*** (amended 6/3/2017)
80460                             Generator – Dunlite 2.5 Kva
80467                             Generator – Dunlite Honda 11HP (amended 6/3/2017)
80468                             Generator – Dunlite Honda 11HP (amended 6/3/2017)
80551                             Generator – Advanced 7.5 Kva
80556                             Generator – Kubota 5.5 Kva
90031                             2WD Four Wheeler – Honda TRX 250 ***excluding racks ****** (amended 6/3/2017)
90148                             4WD Four Wheeler – Honda TRX 350 spray equip included (amended 6/3/2017)
90149                             4WD Four Wheeler – Honda TRX 350 spray equip included (amended 6/3/2017)
90476                             Linemarker – Titan 424-300 Speedflo 6000 (Honda)

Quotation documents are available from the Council’s Customer Service Centre at any time during normal office hours or download the Quotation package on Council’s website www.burdekin.qld.gov.au and complete the Form of Quotation.

Quotations shall be sealed in an envelope and endorsed as “QBSC/17/003 – Request for Quotations for the purchase of used small plant” and lodged in the tender box located at the Burdekin Shire Council, 145 Young Street, Ayr.

The plant will be available for inspection on Friday 3 March, 2017 between the hours of 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. at the Council’s Jones Street Depot. Enquiries should be made to the Manager – Technical Services, or the Workshop Superintendent.

All plant will be sold unregistered and in an “as is condition”. Some ancillary equipment will not be sold with the plant and will be removed by Council.

Any persons making inspections of the plant must report to the Workshop Superintendent or his representative and comply with Council’s Workplace Health and Safety Standards, and in particular wearing of closed in footwear.

Quotations shall be deemed to be inclusive of GST. Quotations received by telephonic advice will not be considered. Late quotations will not be considered.  The highest or any quotations will not necessarily be accepted. Council reserves the right to sell these plants privately or otherwise.

Please note photos of plant are available in quotation document.

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