Mount Kelly water supply without power – Mount Kelly residents MUST conserve water

Ergon Energy has advised that normal power supply to the Mt Kelly area has been interrupted as a result of the thunderstorm that passed through the district last night. Ergon advise that crews have been dispatched to investigate and reinstate power supply as soon as possible.

The Mount Kelly reservoir is currently at 73% capacity however residents need to be mindful to continue to conserve water.

Water held in low level storages at Mount Kelly will be able to be delivered to the water tower once full supply has been restored.

Residents of Mount Kelly are advised to use potable water for essential purposes only to ensure continuity of supply.

Further advice will be issued by Burdekin Shire Council as we obtain information from Ergon Energy on the anticipated length of the current outage

Please remember

It is vital that residents in the Mount Kelly area conserve water.

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