Mt Elliot Springs confirmed as world’s best bottled water

The Burdekin’s Mt Elliot Springs has been voted the best bottled water in the world at the prestigious 2018 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event.

Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Lyn McLaughlin said the product used Mt Elliot Springs water, sourced from the Burdekin’s own Major’s Creek and packaged under the Australian label Frequency H20.

“The Burdekin is famous for its water which is the lifeblood of our thriving agricultural industries and, wonderfully, the Burdekin is now also famous for producing the best bottled drinking water in the world,” Cr McLaughlin said.

“I congratulate Mt Elliot Springs on their achievement. This is a business which is creating products right here in the Burdekin while reaching consumers across the globe.”

Mt Elliot Springs manager Keith Brincat said the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, held in the spa town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA, was the largest water tasting competition in the world.

“The judging is done as a blind tasting where a whole range of categories including appearance, flavour and aftertaste are assessed,” Mr Brincat said.

“What makes our water so special is the mineral content. It comes down to the geology of the Mt Elliot area, which produces naturally occurring spring water with an unusually high PH level. As it comes out of the ground it has that taste signature of the mountain.

“We always know our water was the best in the world and now the world knows it.”

It has been an exciting year for Mt Elliot Springs, which also recently sent its first shipment of bottled natural spring water to China to be sold for mixing with baby formula.

The business is now looking to extend its brand into the United States.

“This award is going to help us greatly in achieving that,” Mr Brincat said.

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