Public Consultation – Proposed Local Law No 8 (Waste Management) 2018


Local Government Act 2009


  1. Burdekin Shire Council (“Council”) has proposed to make Local Law No. 8 (Waste Management) 2018. 
  2. Possible anti-competitive provisions have been identified in the proposed local law.
  3. Council has proposed to conduct a public interest test in relation to the possible anti-competitive provisions identified in the proposed local law.
  4. The purpose and general effect of Local Law No. 8 (Waste Management) 2018 is to protect the public health, safety and amenity related to waste management by—(a)  regulating the storage, servicing and removal of waste; and

    (b)  regulating the disposal of waste at waste facilities; and

    (c)  ensuring that an act or omission does not result in—

    (i)  harm to human health or safety or personal injury; or

    (ii)  property damage or loss of amenity; or

    (iii)  environmental harm or environmental nuisance.

  5. Written submissions by any person in support of, or objecting to, the proposed local law are invited for a 21 day period commencing on 7 March 2018 and ending on 29 March 2018 (the “consultation period”).
  6. During the consultation period Council will make available for inspection and purchase copies of —(a)  the proposed local law; and

    (b)  a public interest test plan about the possible anti-competitive provisions included in the proposed local law.

Copies will be made available at the Council Chambers, 145 Young Street, Ayr; the Burdekin Library, Graham Street, Ayr;  and the Home Hill Library, Ninth Avenue, Home Hill during normal office hours or can be found on Council’s website

  1. Submissions must be received on or before 29 March 2018 stating—
    1. the grounds of the submission; and
    2. the facts and circumstances relied on in support of the grounds.

Submissions are to be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer at PO Box 974, Ayr or by email to

You can download the Proposed Local Law and the Public Interest Test Plan using the links below.

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