Road Closures and Traffic Hazards

The following road closures and traffic hazards have occurred due to recent rainfalls:


  • Bruce Highway is CLOSED at Sandy Corner due to Haughton River Flooding.
  • Allen Road – CLOSED – Barratta Creek Crossing
  • Woodstock Giru Road – CLOSED – Black Gully
  • Ayr Ravenswood Road – CLOSED – Scott’s Creek


  • Bruce Highway at First Street and Hurney Road intersection – Water Over Road
  • Bruce Highway at United Service Station – Water over southbound lane
  • Ayr-Dalbeg Road – Water Over Road at a number of locations
  • Beach Road between Sutcliffe Estate and Lilliesmere Road – Water Over Road
  • Beach Road between Trent Road and Thompson Road
  • Klondyke Road – Water Over Road
  • Cislowski Road – Water Over Road


  • Jerona Road – Traffic Hazards proceed with caution
  • Ayr-Ravenswood Road – Traffic Hazards due to gravel road scours / washouts
  • Wunjunga Road – Traffic Hazards proceed with caution

Motorists are advised to travel to the road conditions.  This information is current as at 1st March 2018 at 2.00am

Do not drive in flood water “If it’s flooded forget it”

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