Road Closures and Traffic Hazards – Bulletin No. 4 – 7am Thu 1 Mar

The following road closures and traffic hazards have occurred due to recent rainfalls:


  • Bruce Highway is CLOSED at Sandy Corner Brandon due to Haughton River Flooding.
  • Allen Road – CLOSED – Barratta Creek Crossing
  • Woodstock Giru Road – CLOSED – Black Gully
  • Ayr Ravenswood Road – CLOSED – Scott’s Creek


  • Bruce Highway at First Street and Hurney Road intersection – Water Over Road
  • Bruce Highway at United Service Station – Water over southbound lane
  • Ayr-Dalbeg Road – Water Over Road at a number of locations
  • Beach Road between Sutcliffe Estate and Lilliesmere Road – Water Over Road
  • Beach Road between Trent Road and Thompson Road
  • Klondyke Road – Water Over Road
  • Cislowski Road – Water Over Road


  • Jerona Road – Traffic Hazards proceed with caution
  • Ayr-Ravenswood Road – Traffic Hazards due to gravel road scours / washouts
  • Wunjunga Road – Traffic Hazards proceed with caution

Motorists are advised to travel to the road conditions.  This information is current as at 1st March 2018 at 7.00am

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