Commercial waste charges to rise with new Queensland Government levy, no impact to households

Local businesses can expect to pay more for kerbside waste collection and waste disposal at Council’s Landfill and Transfer Stations when the Queensland Government’s waste levy starts on 1 July this year.

Mayor Lyn McLaughlin said the new levy would apply to all types of waste that end up in landfill (unless specific exclusions apply) and that Council will be responsible for the collection and payment of the levy to the State Government.

“This new Queensland waste levy will have no direct impact on the costs incurred by local households, as Council will receive an annual advance payment from the State Government to reimburse us for these costs,” she said.

“However the charge for a standard commercial 240 litre bin will rise by about $47 a year from 1 July.”

The Queensland waste levy will be applied to all commercial and industrial waste that is disposed in the landfill. This includes kerbside bins and self-haul taken to transfer stations or landfill.

It will be charged at $75/tonne (ex GST) for general waste and will be charged in addition to the usual Council fees charged at the Transfer Station and Landfill facilities. Higher levies apply for regulated wastes.

Cr McLaughlin said Burdekin businesses were encouraged to reduce their levy liability by reducing waste and taking the time to sort and recycle.

“Not only is recycling good for the environment, it’s good economics.

“Burdekin residents can already dispose of a range of items for free at our waste management facilities. To be eligible, all waste must be sorted and separated into different waste categories prior to disposal.”

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